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Q: Who are the top most successful golf players?
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What are the most popular golf balls amongst pro golf players?

I have found that there are many brands of golf balls, but some are more desirable than others. The top 3 brands used by pro golf players are Titleist, Nike and Callaway.

Do they play golf in Ireland?

Yes. Golf is very big in Ireland. Some of the world's top players are Irish.

What are the rules for halfway cut british open golf?

Top 70 players and ties.

What are the importance of top management support for successful information technology projects?

It is important because with top management it is most likely that the project will be successful because you will be able to get all the resources required and team players work harder when the "boss is involved "

Who are the top 5 players in Golf right now?

The top 5 players in Golf right now are Tiger Woods, Brant Snedeker, Adam Scott, Kevin Streelman, and Matt Kuchar. Tiger Woods has always been a lead since he made his debut.

How many players qualify for the final two rounds of the British Open golf tournament?

There are a total of 156 players who qualify to play in the British Open golf tournament. The players who place in the top 70 positions will qualify to play for the final two rounds.

Is a titleist golf ball or a bridgestone golf ball better?

It all comes down to personal choice. Titliest is a bigger brand and is preferred by a lot of top players.

How do they determine the cut line for The Open Golf Championship?

Top 70 players and ties make the cut. It is the top 60 plus ties...not 70.

Top most paid sports in the world?

i think it's golf.

What college has the most players in the 2011 top 100 nfl players?

Miami hurricanes

What country is the best chess players in the world?

Most of the top players have come from Russia.

How much do top pro disc golf players make?

Top Disc Golf Players of PDGA Salary: David Feldberg:437,379 total events salary plus sponsor: 2.4mil. Innova disc golf Nikki Locastro:305,678 total events salary plus sponsor: 2.0 mil. flat Innova Disc Golf Eric McCabe:402,405 total event salary plus sponsor:1.2 mil. Discraft Jesper Lundmark:201,050 total event salar plus sponsor:Discraft 705,000 Valarie Jenkins:bio-Womens champ one of the best women disc golf players ever: Event earnings 132,555 plus sponsor 900,000 Innova disc golf Did you know? A top disc golf player only gets 100k to 200k. Although if sponsored salary is doubled the amount. Also Disc Golf is one of the most fastest growing sports in the world!

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