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Peyton Manning

Tony Romo

Drew Brees

Matt Ryan

Ben Rothlisberger

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Q: Who are the top five highest paid QBs in the NFL?
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Have there been ambidextrous qbs in the NFL?


Who was the highest paid quarterback for the Falcons in 1993?

Chris Chandler Chandler wasn't with the Falcons until 1997. Bobby Hebert, Chris Miller, and Billy Joe Tolliver were the Falcons QBs in 1993. Would guess Hebert was the highest paid of the three.

How many nfl qbs are under 6 ft 1?


How many black qbs are in the NFL?

I'm the one that posed the question

Name NFL players that wore 17?

Doug Williams, Jason Campbell (Redskins QBs)

Which QB has the most INTs in the NFL?

I'm pretty sure that QBs don't get INT because they play on offense and you can only get INT while playing on defense. That and the QBs don't catch balls, they throw them.

Who do you think is the best all time QB in the nfl?

i no almost NO QBs so my bro thinks payton maning is

Is a college football size different from an NFL football size?

Yes, an NCAA football is smaller than the NFL ball. This size difference makes transistion to the NFL hard for QBs and Kickers.

How many brother NFL quarterbacks have played against each other?

i belive Eli and payton are the only brothers who have played against each other as starting nfl qbs

Why do the NFL qbs where that c?

That 'C' on a player's jersey indicates the player is one of the captains of the team. Almost always in the NFL, a team's starting quarterback is one of the captains of the team.

Are footballs different sizes for colleges and the NFL?

no they are the same. Thats not true. NCAA (college) is slightly smaller while the NFL football is wider. The NFL football makes it a slight challenge for QBs and Kickers to hold the ball.

Who were the five quarterbacks from Maryland that played in the NFL at the same time?

Between 1992-1996, former Maryland QBs Boomer Esiason (Bengals, Jets, Cardinals), Stan Gelbaugh (Seahawks), Neil O'Donnell (Steelers, Jets), Frank Reich (Bills, Panthers, Jets), and Scott Zolak (Patriots) were all in the NFL.

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