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Steve Hanley of Sale Sharks is the current top scorer with 75 .... he retired in 2007 (i think)

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2011-02-11 20:57:29
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Q: Who are the top English rugby union Premiership try scorers of all time?
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How long is halftime in a rugby union game?

Usually 10 minutes but in the English Premiership, it's 15.

Who are the Top international points scorers in rugby union?

Jonny Wilkinson

What sport is played in the Guinness Premiership?

Rugby is the sport played in the Guinness Premiership. Rugby is a full contact team sport which originated in the early 19th century in England. There are two forms of the sport, Rugby Union and Rugby League.

When was Steve Smith - English rugby union - born?

Steve Smith - English rugby union - was born in 1951.

What is the English national team name for rugby union?

It's the Rugby Football Union.

What is the name of the English rugby union league?

Allied Dunbar Premiership One Allied Dunbar Premiership Two Jewson National League One Jewson National League Two North Jewson National League Two South

Which rugby team have the nickname quins?

The "Harlequins Rugby Club", a premiership rugby union team based at Twickenham Stoop in Hampstead, have been giving the nickname "quins" by their fans.

Who are the 4 highest points scorers for England rugby union?

Jonny Wilkinson Paul Grayson Rob Andrews Jonathan Webb

Worlds leading rugby union scorers?

Jonny Wilkinson Neil Jenkins Diego Dominguez Andrew Mehrtens Ronan O'Gara

Is premiership rugby union or league?

Well it can be either there is a premier league for both but the most popular one is rugby union they more or less have the same teams except reasonably different rules.

How many substitutions are allowed in rugby union?

In the Premiership, you are allowed to use all the bench players so, 8.

What is the team name for the english rugby team?

It's the Rugby Football Union.

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