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Drew Brees, Purdue (11,792 yards from 1997-2000)

Curtis Painter, Purdue (11,163 yards from 2005-08)

Brett Basanez, Northwestern (10,580 from 2002-05)

Chuck Long, Iowa (10,461 yards from 1981-85)

Mark Herrmann, Purdue (9,946 yard from 1977-80)

Visit for a complete list of all big ten yardage leaders.

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1. Ron Dayne, Wis 7,125

2. Archie Griffin, OSU 5,589

3. Anthony Thompson, Ind 5,299

4. Mike Hart, Mich 5,040

5. Lorenzo White, MSU 4,887

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Ron dane Wisconsin badgers

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Q: Who are the top 5 career rushing leaders in Big Ten History?
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