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Leta Andrews of Granbury High School Granbury, Texas) won her 1,334th game on December 7th, 2010 breaking the previous record held by Robert Hughes of Dunbar High School (Fort Worth, Texas.)

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Q: Who are the top 20 winningest High School basketball coaches?
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Who are the winningest high school football coaches in New york?

frank bertino

Who is the winningest coach in high school hockey history?

Bill Belisle is the current winningest coach in high school hockey. He coaches Mount Saint Charles Academy in Woonsocket, RI.

Who are the most winningest coaches in Pa high school football?

Coach George Curry from Berwick is the winningest coach in PA history.

Who are the top 5 winningest high school football coaches in Massachusetts?

vito cappizo from Nantucket is 3rd with 293 wins

What do coaches look for in tryouts for high school basketball?

Good basketball players, of course.

Who are the top 10 winningest high school basketball teams?

1st: San Clemente High School is the best basketball team in California 2nd: Moter De High School 3rd: Capo Valley High School

Do assistant high school basketball coaches get paid?

That depends on what school the coach is at. Most schools, no. Some schools, however, will pay assistant coaches.

Who were the coaches in the lowest scoring high school basketball game?

2 to 1

How many high school girls basketball coaches are there in Texas?

For every team there is a coach

Who are the winningest high school basketball coaches in California?

As of the 2010-2011 season, Gary McKnight (Mater Dei High School, Santa Ana) is the winningest high school varsity basketball coach in state history with a record of 892-81. McKnight began coaching the Monarch's varsity basketball team in 1983,[6] the Monarchs have won 28 league titles (23 consecutive),[7] 21 CIF Southern-Section championships,[8] 12 Southern California regional titles, and, in a record 12 appearances,[9] tied the state-title record with 8 CIF state championships.[7] On January 18, 2010, McKnight won his 844th game, breaking the state High School Basketball Wins record previously held by Mike Phelps (Bishop O'Dowd in Oakland and St. Joseph Notre Dame High School in Alameda).[10][11]

Who may call timeouts during a high school basketball game?

Coaches, players, and referees.

How much does a high school coach earn for a basketball season?

high school coaches earn different salaries depending on experience and years coaching

What is the yearly income of a high school basketball coach?

Part time coaches earn less, full time coaches earn more (often the same as a teacher)

Who is the winningest coach in high school soccer history?

Terry Michler is the winningest coach in high school soccer history. Terry coached at Christian Brothers College High School in Missouri and had a total of 845 wins.

Requirements for highschool basketball team?

The requirements on a high school basketball team vary by each school, but usually consist of good grades and good attendance. Skill is also something the coaches value.

What high school football team is the most winningest in the nation?

valdosta high school wildcats.

How much does a high school basketball coach make a year?

It just depends on where you live. High school coaches are not typically paid as full time employees. They are not typically paid a salary. High school coaches, even in large schools are typically paid by contract and only for the season. The typical pay range of a high school coach for a class B school in Michigan is $2000 to $4000 a season.

Who is the winningest active high school boys basketball coach?

As far as I know, the boys basketball coach, Morgan Wooten of DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville, MD retired in 2002 with a career record of 1,274 - 192 spanning a 46 year career. The Stags never had a losing record under Wootten.

Who is the winningest coach in high school baseball history?

Gene Schultz, Lansing, Iowa, Kee High School

Who are the top 100 winningest high school football programs?

top 100 high school football programs

Who is the winningest South Carolina high school coach?

john mckissik, summerville high

Alabama's winningest football coach in high school?

Kenneth McKinney

Mississippi's winningest football coach in high school?

jim drewery

What is the winningest high school football teams in New Jersey?


Who is winningest coach in Ohio High school baseball history?

don thorp