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  • Click on the link below to see the 2011 Nascar Sprint Cup Series drivers and their race teams.
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Q: Who are the teams and drivers in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series?
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How many Nascar Sprint Cup race teams can an owner have?

A Nascar Sprint Cup team owner can have up to a maximum of four race teams.

Who owns NASCAR teams?

There are over 20 full time race team owners in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series. Some owners own multiple teams, but no more than the limit of four. Click on the link below for information on the Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series race teams.

Are NASCAR drivers in high or low demand?

NASCAR drivers are in high demand. Most teams have scouts who are looking for new talent all the time.

How many drivers are on a NASCAR team?

A Nascar owner can have a maximum of four teams. Each team has one driver.

What is the difference between the Nascar Sprint Cup Series and the Nationwide Series?

Difference Between NASCAR SeriesTo be technical, there are many differences in the Sprint Cup cars and the Nationwide cars. First, the wheelbase is longer in a Cup car at 115 inches. Second, the Cup cars have more horsepower, mainly due to a bigger CFM carb. Third, the Nationwide cars weigh 3400 pounds compared to the Sprint Cup cars at 3500 pounds. And the Cup teams race the COT car, and as of now, the Nationwide teams don't yet. In 2009 the Nationwide cars will have their own version of the COT car. Also, the races are shorter for the Nationwide Series. Nationwide drivers/teams don't get paid near as much as their Cup counterparts.

How many Nascar Sprint Cup teams are there?

In a given year there can be 65+ teams, though not all of them are "full-time" teams (they only race partial season races)

What is NASCAR made up of?

Its made up of drivers, teams, cars, fans, and sponsers.

Does Toyota race in NASCAR?

Yes, they do. Toyota has a few multi-car teams in the Sprint Cup Series, which include Joe Gibbs Racing, Red Bull Racing and Michael Waltrip Racing.

Who owns the number eight car in NASCAR?

The Number 8 car in the Sprint Cup Series is owned by Dale Earnhardt Incorporated (DEI). Nascar owns the car numbers and leases them out to the teams each season. Click on the link below for more information.

How does a person get a job in NASCAR?

you get a job in NASCAR by being a good racer in a different but less popular racing leauge., and maybe some NASCAR racing teams like you and want to sign you to your team.but there is 4 levels of NASCAR least popular Whelen to the Trucks to the NATIONWIDE series and then to the most popular Sprint cup Series where all the best is.but before all of this you need a racing licnese.

What are the team names in NASCAR?

Click on the link below to see all the current teams in the Nascar Cup, Nationwide and Truck Series.

Can NASCAR racing teams have more than 3 drivers?

Yes, they can. Racing teams usually consist of one driver per race team. But they can have multiple drivers race each of their cars during the season. If you mean teams per owner, there is a four car team limit in place. That is the most Nascar will allow.

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