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Brittney Griner is the tallest at 6'8". Pascale West is also 6'8".

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Q: Who are the tallest female basketball players in the NCAA?
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Who are the tallest basketball players in the NCAA?

Kenny George from UNC-Ashville is 7'7"

Who is the tallest NCAA 2010 basketball team?


Does the NCAA limit the number of players on a basketball roster?

yes The NCAA allows 13 scholarship spots for basketball rosters.

Who is the tallest NCAA women's basketball player ever?

Heidi Gillingham- Vanderbuilt.

How many players are on an NCAA Division 1 basketball team?

12 players

How many players are on an NCAA basketball team?


Who is the tallest NCAA women's basketball player currently?

Brittney Griner 6' 8"

What NCAA basketball conference has the most players in the nba?

the acc has the most nba players.

How many players are in a women's NCAA basketball team?

anywhere from 14-17 players

How many male college basketball players are in the NCAA?


Ncaa basketball players how much money do they make?


What is the maximun number of players on NCAA basketball team?


How many scholarship players are on a NCAA basketball team?


How much salary does a NCAA basketball player make each game?

youre an idiot!! ncaa players are college players, they dont get payed!! MORON!

Who is the second tallest basketball player in NCAA Division 1?

Will Foster @ Gonzaga 7 5

How many basketball players in the NCAA mens basketball?

There is really no answer for this. Since players are constanty joining the NCAA every year. It changes every year. my guess would be close to 500-ish. Since there are many teams.

What percentage of basketball players in high school make it to the ncaa?

.97 %

What NBA players have won NCAA basketball championships twice or more?


How many NCAA basketball players play in the game at one time?

5 players for each team.

Who is the tallest women basketball in NCAA?

britney griner for number 1 seed baylor standing at 6'8

How many basketball players are on a ncaa basketball team?

It varies for each team, but most have around 13-15

Which NCAA basketball coach has produced the most NBA players?

dean smith

Who is the tallest NCAA basketball player ever?

Kenny George - 7' - 7" center for University of NC at Asheville

How many players are allowed by the NCAA on a men's college basketball team?

Around 15.

What ncaa basketball team has sent the most players to nba since 1988?