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As of the 2008 season: 1) 1999 - Kurt Warner, St Louis Rams: Threw for 4,353 yards in the regular season and was the starting QB for the Super Bowl XXXIV winners. 2) 2006 - Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts: Threw for 4,397 yards in the regular season and was the starting QB for the Super Bowl XLI winners.

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Q: Who are the quarterbacks with super bowl wins and over 4000 yards passing in same year?
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none, it takes a season to do that

Who are the players with super bowl appearances and over 4000 yards passing the same year?

Drew Brees and Peyton Manning

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Who will have 4000 passing yards in the 2008-2009 season besides Tom Brady and Peyton Manning?

Drew Brees[ Saints QB]

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