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This is the pitcher

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Q: Who are the players who throw the ball to batters?
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Why do softball players throw underhand?

its easier to grip, and aim the ball when you throw underhand

How do you throw the ball with the players for wii sports?

You press the A down and you flick your wrist

What is a free throw line in basketball?

A free throw line in basketball is the line where the players who are fouled get to shoot the ball.

Why do netball players need power?

Netball players need power for when they're pasing the ball. If you don't have power and you throw the ball to someone it might not reach that person.

What affects a soccer ball when you throw it?

The speed you throw it at, wind, if you have put spin on the ball, the direction you throw it, the grip you had on it, rain, your height, your strength, your skill, the pitch if it lands directly on it and the players on the pitch that you are throwing it towards or who may intercept it.

Can players not positioned in the lane rebound ball after a missed free throw?

Yes! As long as they dont move before the ball hits the rim.

How many players in throw ball?

according to your wish. But the no.s of player in both the team should be equal.

What is the name of the sport played in Florida where the players throw a ball with a basket type bat?

Jai Lai

What is the pronouns in this sentence During passing practice the coach showed the players how they should throw the ball?

The pronoun they is taking the place of the antecedent noun players.

What is a jump ball in basketball?

A jump ball is when two players line up around either the half-court line or the free throw line to jump and tip the ball after a referee throws it up. The rest of the players are around the circle, and both players doing the jump try to tip the ball to a teammate.

When can an offensive player move during a free throw?

All players can move once the ball is out of the shooters hands.

What is the definition of a basketball?

a game in which two teams of five players each compete to throw a ball through a hoop.

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