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Q: Who are the only 2 players who are able to score goals in netball?
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Why do you need attackers in netball?

Because if there is no attackers who will score the goals, they wouldn't be able to attack and defend themselves

What positons are in netball?

There are seven positions able to be played in a netball team. These are:Goal Keeper (GK)Goal Defence (GD)Wing Defence (WD)Centre (C)Wing Attack (WA)Goal Attack (GA)Goal Shooter (GS)Goal Attack and Goal shooter at the players who score the goals in netball. they are defended by the goal attack and the goal keeper. the aim for a defence player is to stop the attacking player from getting the ball. Wing defence is another defending player.

How many goals did Fernando Torres score in world cup qualifying?

He did not score any goals in the World Cup qualifier.

Why is coordination in netball?

You need hand and eye and be able to look every where around the court to see other players.

Why is coordination needes in netball?

You need hand and eye and be able to look every where around the court to see other players.

Is acceleration sprinting important in netball?

Yes netball players need speed, because they have to be able to fake and avoid other competitors and they have to be able to move quickly to get the ball.

Why do you need coordination in netball?

Netballs a skillful game - you cant just play netball you need to learn how to do it. 1. you need to do correct footwork 2. different type of passes 3. Know where you can go 4. Be aware of everything happening around you 5. Be able to dodge for the ball away from defender 6. Able to stick with your player while defending and so on :) - chloe <3

What country scored the least amount of goals in the 2010 world cup?

Algeria and Honduras. Neither of them were able to score a goal.

Why is it necessary to pass the ball to the teammates of the game netball?

Netball is a ball sport played by two teams of seven players derived from early versions of Basketball. Coordination is required to be able to run and handle the ball at the same time, be able to make good team moves, and to be able to score points.

What skills do everyone need to play for barcalona?

You need to be a good passer, dribbler, and must hold the ball ,and also be able to score goals.

Why do soccer players need POWER?

The more power you have in striking a shot or cross the harder it is to stop. If you have a powerful placed header you will score a lot of goals. They will also need power to sprint to the ball quicker than opposing players.

Why do you need muscular strength in netball?

you need to be able to make gross movements in netball. such as passing the ball using a shoulder pass.