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Q: Who are the oldest club in County Derry?
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What county is Tobermore in?

It is in county Derry.

Is Galway city bigger than Derry city?

Derry city is bigger than Galway city. The county of Galway is bigger than the county of Derry.

What part of derry is Keith Harkin from?

Northern Ireland. Derry County

What is the oldest club in the English national football league?

Notts County

What county is Limavady Northern Ireland in?

It is in County Derry.

What is the nickname for Derry?

Derry is the nickname for Londonderry and refers to both a county and a city. There are two nicknames. The Oakleaf County for the county and the Maiden City for the city.

What is the distance from Derry to Donegal?

The county of Derry and the county of Donegal are neighbours, so the distance between them is zero. From Derry city to Donegal town is about 73 kilometres or 43 miles.

What country is Derry located in?

Derry, sometimes referred to as Londonderry, is in Northern Ireland. Derry is a city and is also a county. The name comes from Doire, referring to an oak wood. Derry is sometimes referred as the Oak Leaf County.

What is the street address of the Derry GAA?

The street address of the Derry GAA is All Saints Rd, Dublin Ireland. The phone number of this club is +353 1 851 0077. It is one of the most famous and oldest football clubs in the area.

What Irish county is known as the oak leaf county?


Where is Limavady?

In county Derry in Northern Ireland.

Where is City Hotel Derry located?

City Hotel Derry is located in County Londonderry, Ireland, United Kingdom. It's address is City Hotel, Queens Quay, Derry, County Londonderry, BT48 7AS, Ireland.