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The Trophy Girls

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Q: Who are the nascar sprint cup winners circle girls?
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Who is the girl who appears behind the winners at Nascar Sprint Cup races?

I think who you are talking about is the Ms. Sprint Cup girl. She interviews and stuff but is mainly there to look pretty and smile! There's actually three of them. But the only one I ever see at the race is the brown haired girl. I want her job when I get older...I'm only 13 lol. The 2011 Miss Sprint Cup girls are Monica Palumbo, Paige Duke and Kim Coon.

Who are the 2012 Miss Sprint Cup girls?

The 2012 Miss Sprint Cup girls are:Kim CoonJaclyn RoneyKristen Beat

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The 2014 Miss Sprint Cup girls are:Kim CoonBrooke WernerMadison Martin

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The answer is 20

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