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Q: Who are the most influental people in 2012?
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Which of these men was considered to be the most influental economist of the twentieth century?


What is influental?

Water coming in.

What was Maximillien Robespierre influental in?

The Reign of Terror.

Which college wrote early fundamental and influental rules for soccer?


Who is a influental person from Mexico?

Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world.

How is Lady Gaga influental?

Hmm Well Some Of Her Music May Be A Bad Influence To Younger Kids But It Can Be A Good Influence To Adults To Bring More Into The World And Some Songs Are Believe It Or Not About Life Too! Her Fashion Is Unique And Maybe Even Others Will Dress Like Her In The Future So There Are Some Things That May Be Influental And Some That May Not Be Influental :)

In what year did the most people employed in pennsylvania?

Most people were employed in Pennsylvania in 2012.

What was the role of the pope in the Medieval Ages?

He had armies, money and power, and was very influental with Kings.

Why is Jurassic Park the biggest greatest and most ultimate and influental dinosaur movie of all time and of our lives?

Cos it was the best animation of it's day, the acting was awesome and it was different from all the other movies.

What did Abraham Lincoln do well?

He was a very good president, and is viewed as one of the best and influental presidents in U.S. history.

How do you get the influental neighbor award on Farmtown?

you have to have at least 8 neighbors in your farmtown to gain it then you can hire for other farmers to work for your farm

Who was the last Dutch governor of New York?

Peter Stuyvesant( one leg ) pleaded with the People of ny to fight the British but they refused to fight. He retreated to his farm on the east side. His grandson was influental in ny politics in the 1700's