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If you want one name, the 1st is beyond a doubt Jacques Yves Cousteau.

If you want more names, add ones like Frederic Dumas and maybe Philippe and Jean-Michael Cousteau (perhaps in their own right, but definitely because of a very famous last name).

Other famous divers from more modern times include:

  • Nuno Gomez and Pascal Bernabe (world record setting deep divers)
  • David Shaw (famously died on a 900 foot cave dive body recovery)
  • John Chatteron and Richie Kohler (achieved fame through discovery of U-869)
  • Dick Rutkowski and Tom Mount (modern founders of technical diving)
  • Sheck Exley (pioneering cave diver)
  • Gary Gentile (world reknown wreck diver)
  • Jarrod Jablonski (founder of DIR diving)
  • Clive Cussler (author)
  • Peter Gimbel (famous for diving the Andrea Doria)
  • Lloyd Bridges (actor)
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Greg Louganis, Dmitri Sautin, and Guo Jingjing.

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Jacques Cousteau

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Q: Who are the most famous scuba divers?
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