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temepara george is famous

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Q: Who are the most famous netball players?
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Famous netball players?

Natalie Von Bertouch and Natalie Medhurst are two examples of famous netball players. Others include Laura Langman, Tracey Neville, and Romelda Aiken.

Famous Australian netball players?

Liz ellis

Who are famous players of netball in Jamica?

romalda aekins

What is the most famous netball team in the world?

Whats the most famous netball team in the world

Who is the most famous lady netball player?

irene van dyk is the most famous lady netball player

Are netball players rich?

As netball is not a hugely popular worldwide sport most netball players are not overly rich unless they are in a very top team and play an important position in this team.

What is 7 p in a NT short for?

7 players in a netball team

What somatotype are netball players?

Mesomorphs. the centre players are most likely to be mesomorphs.

Who is a famous newzealand player netball?

Current famous NZ Netball Players are: Casey Williams, Irene Van Dyk, Laura Langman and Maria Tuataia. NZ Netball greats, (in my opinion) are: Julie Seymour, Sandra Edge, Bernice Mene

Famous English netball player?

England has many famous netball players. Sonia Mkyloma. Louisa Brownfield. Pamela Cookey. Giva Mentor. Also Sydnie Kendall and Jess Walsh

Who are famous netball players of the world?

that's easy, me!! Liz Ellis (Elizabeth Ellis)

Current famous netball players?

~Maria Tutaia, Irene Van Dyk and Joline Henry~

Is netball the most famous sport for women?

It is not the most popular sport. Tennis, basketball and soccer are actually more famous than netball. However, netball is a very popular sport for younger women ages 7-16

Where can players go on the netball pich?

were can netball players go in the cought

How much do netball players get paid compared to rugby players?


Why do netball players need to be flexible?

Netball players dont have to be flexible, im a netball player im noway near flexible. :)

What sport team has 7 players?

NETBALL! Netball is the most awesome sport in the whole world especially if you play Centre or Goal Attack or Wing Attack but that's just my opinion. Netball has seven players in WorldWide and National and State netball but when you play it in your school Saturday Sport competitions there are usually a few reserves.

Who is the most famous netball player?

i think maria tutia shes really famous to me

What is Natalie Medhurst most famous for?

Natalie medhurst is most famous for playing netball she is in the Queensland firebirds team

Who is a famous Netball Leader?

netball famous leaders ?

Who is the most famous netball player in Germany?

Mikhael kroon

Most famous netball coach?

the new zealand coach

How many players in a netball?

There are 14 players on a netball court at any given time. 7 from each team.

How many players make up a netball team?

Seven people in a normal netball team however if your playing high fives netball its 5 players! Hope this helps!

Who are the 7 netball players in the Australian netball team?

I am not exactly sure but there are more than seven players including the emergency.