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sir vivien richardson

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Q: Who are the most famous antiguan cricketers?
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The famous people of Sri Lanka are.?


Who is the famous cricketers in Nepal?

MS Doni

What is an Antiguan?

An Antiguan is a native or resident of Antigua.

Famous cricketer of kolkata in west Bengal?

kolkata best cricketers name

When was Robert Hall - Antiguan politician - born?

Robert Hall - Antiguan politician - was born in 1909.

When was John Lyons - Antiguan politician - born?

John Lyons - Antiguan politician - was born in 1760.

When did John Lyons - Antiguan politician - die?

John Lyons - Antiguan politician - died in 1816.

When did Robert Hall - Antiguan politician - die?

Robert Hall - Antiguan politician - died in 1994.

What made scunthope famous?

Scunthope is famous for making Steal, Golfers, Footballers, Actors, Cricketers and many more...

Who are famous Guyanese?

I think both Clive Llloyd & Shivnarine Chanderpaul are cricketers from Guyana.

Which religion do sri lanka cricketers belong?

Most Sri Lankan cricketers believe in Buddhism. However there are a few Christians, Muslims and Hindus as well.

Who are some famous cricketers and their achievements?

one famous cricketer and his achievement is sachin tendulkar, from India, who has the most centuries in both test matches and ODI matches. He has achieved a total of 100 centuries. He still plays cricket for India.