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I have improved the previous information and written up this rather short list:


Peyton Manning

Team: Indianapolis Colts

Position: Quarterback

Shirt Number: Eighteen

Career History:

Indianapolis Colts (1998 - Present)

Tom Brady

Team: New England Patriots

Position: Quarterback

Shirt Number: Twelve

Career History:

New Enlgand Patriots (2000 - Present)

Devin Hester

Team: Chicago Bears

Position: Wide Receiver / Return Specialist

Shirt Number: Twenty-three

Career History:

Chicago Bears (2006 - Present)


Deion Sanders

Retired: 2005

Team: Baltimore Ravens

Position: Cornerback / Return Specialist

Shirt Number: Thirty-seven

Career History:

Atlanta Falcons (1989 - 1993)

San Fransisco 49ers (1994)

Dallas Cowboys (1995 - 1999)

Washington Redskins (2000)

Baltimore Ravens (2004 - 2005)

Joe Montana

Retired: 1994

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Position: Quarterback

Shirt Number: 19

Career History:

San Fransisco 49ers (1979-1992)

Kansas City Chiefs (1993-1994)

Hope this helps!

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here are some

lawrence Taylor
jerry rice
walter payton
terry bradshaw
larry wilson
joe montana
Barry Sanders

well that's what i think hope it helped :)

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Chris Howard

, Kale Makler

, and Avery Sellers

!! yupp thats them , they beast

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The most famous footballers from the U.S.A are Tim Howard, Bret Friddell, Mac Bride , Tony Meola, Dempsey.

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Q: Who are the most famous American football players?
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