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The minority owners of the Steelers are:

  • Paul Evanson
  • The Varischetti family
  • Bruce Rauner
  • The Paul family
  • former Steelers wide receiver John Stallworth
  • Thomas Tull
  • Jim Haslam III
  • John Rooney, Art Rooney Jr, and the McGinley family
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Q: Who are the minority owners of the Pittsburgh Steelers?
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Who are the owners of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Rooney Family (controlling ownership) and John Stallworth (former Steeler great) currently own the Pittsburgh Steelers. It is still the Rooney family. Dan Rooney (Chairman) is the current owner. He has given much control of the franchise to his son Art Rooney II (President). Others, such as Jim Haslam III, Thomas Tull, Bruce Rauner, the Varischetti family, the Paul family along with John Stallworth are Steelers investors. As of April, 2008 Dan Rooney is the chairman and owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His father, Art, founded the Steelers.

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers from North Carolina?

No. The Pittsburgh Steelers are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Where did the Pittsburgh Steelers originate from?

The Steelers originated from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Have the Pittsburgh Steelers always been in Pittsburgh?

Yes, Pittsburgh Steelers always been in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What is Will Johnson's number on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Jason Worilds is number 93 on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What is the mailing address for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Mail Address: Pittsburgh Steelers 3400 South Water Street Pittsburgh, PA 15203

When was the Pittsburgh Steelers football team established?

The Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers merged in the 1943 season and were known as the Steagles. That merger lasted one season.

How long have the Rooney's owned the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Art Rooney Sr. founded the Steelers on July 8, 1933 and the Rooney family have been majority owners ever since.

What city were the Pittsburgh Steelers in when they joined the NFL?

The Steelers have always been in Pittsburgh

Do the Pittsburgh Steelers come from Pennsylvania?

Yes, the Steelers are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Who sells more merchandise the Pittsburgh Pirates or the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Steelers no doubt

What is the Pittsburgh Steelers home city and state?

The Steelers are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.