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nick waters tate

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Q: Who are the main characters in the football genius?
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What is a summary of football genius?

it is a story about a boy and being a genius in football.

What was the football movie where the main character had to carry the football to class every day?

i think the move was called "The Program" Omar Epps is one of zthe main characters

What is a summary of football genius chapter one?

In Chapter One of "Football Genius," we meet the main character, Troy White, a football-loving kid with a unique talent for predicting game plays. He impresses both a star NFL player and an ESPN reporter with his abilities, setting the stage for an exciting journey ahead.

Is there a book called Football Genius?


What is the climax for Football Genius?

Football Genius is a book written by Tim Green in 2007. The climax of the book is when Troy proves that he is able to predict all of the plays.

Why is football excluded from the Olympics?

Association football is; American/Canadian/Gaelic football are not.

Who are the main characters of pop by gordon korman?

The main characters in "Pop" by Gordon Korman are Marcus Jordan, Charlie Popovich, Haley Dougherty, and Billy "The Kid" Crouse. The story follows a high school football team and the challenges they face both on and off the field.

Who are the main characters in facing the giants?

The main characters in "Facing the Giants" are Grant Taylor, the head football coach, Brooke Taylor, his supportive wife, Brock Kelley, the football team captain, and Mr. Bridges, a troubled student on the team. The story follows their journey of faith, perseverance, and overcoming obstacles both on and off the football field.

In Football Genius what's Troys number?

he doesn't have a number

What are the characters names from tripod White Mountain the book?

the main characters are Will who narrates the story and is the main character. Henry is wills cousin who comes with him on the journey. zhanpole or beanpole which is his nickname is a genius who the find when they first land in France. ozymandias is a person who fakes to capped and finds people to go to the white mountains. other main characters are captain curtis,jack,tripods,eloise,commetese,and a few more minor characters. hope this helps

What sports are excluded from the Olympics?

There is already Football at the Olympic games. Genius.

What is the Point of view in football genius?

1st person...