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I live near Kelly Robbins hometown in Michigan. It is fairly common knowledge around here that she is a lesbian. As a matter of fact, Karrie Webb has been here with her, and I have been told by others that they have/are dating.

(edit: Karrie Webb and Kelly Robbins were outed by a journalist for the Australian newspaper The Age who turned up to interview Karrie, but Karrie and Kelly were unaware that the appointment time had been changed. It is now accepted as fact.)

Ben Wright has assessed the situation succinctly, although he was dismissed from his post as an announcer for venturing such politically incorrect statistics. If memory serves me correctly, the figure mentioned was in the 40% range of all LPGA golfers; hence the euphemism Lesbian Professional Golfer's Association (for LPGA).

It is a arena that allows Asian lesbians the opp to "come out". The new crop of young Americans seem to be mostly straight. Cramer, Natl,Morgan,Wie. But some of the older Ladies I wonder? Inkster? Christie Kerr no she looks better than ever now and she is not gay at this point in her life


I am not sure if they played on LPGA but lesbian golfers are here in the list:

Jane Geddes

Sandra Haynie

Rosie Jones

Patty Sheehan

Muffin Spencer-Devlin

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Who Rosie

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Q: Who are the lesbians on the LPGA Tour?
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There are several ways to earn an LPGA Tour Card. One is by going through the qualifying tournament, known as Q-school, a grueling multiday tournament. Another is by placing in the top five of the Duramed Futures Tour. Another is by finishing in the top 80 of the LPGA's money list. (The rule used to allow the top 90, but it was recently changed to 80.)

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The LPGA is the Ladies tour, where as the PGA is for men. The Ladies tour would occasionally only play 54 holes, whereas the PGA Tour always plays 72 unless there is a washout or bad weather. The Ladies tour also plays shorter holes than the men would. Unfortunately the Ladies tour isn't as popular as the mens game so there is quite a lot less money in the prize funds and the galleries would not be as big.

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There is a large gap between the winnings of an PGA Tour player and an LPGA Tour player. The average winners cheque on the PGA Tour is around 3 times as much as one on the LPGA Tour. Compare the 2010 US Open with the Women's US Open, Graeme McDowell won $1.35 million for his win whereas Paula Creamer won $585,000. There is also a large gap between the money paid for sponsorship deals with male golfer typically earning far more as they are more desirable for most brands. The LPGA Tour is still struggling for sponsorship of events, that's why the purses are smaller. A lot of events were lost last year with just about an event every 2 weeks, whereas the PGA Tour held an event every week.

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The LPGA was founded in 1950

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LPGA was created in 1950.

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