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Monica Pardou is the highest scoring soccer player. He is on the Brazilian national football team.

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Q: Who are the highest scoring soccer players?
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Who is the highest scoring professional soccer player?

highes scoring soccer player

Highest scoring soccer match?


What is the highest scoring draw in soccer?


Soccer players bonuses for a goal?

Soccer players are some of the highest-paid athletes in the world, not only for the fixed sums they are paid each week but also because of various bonuses such as ones paid for scoring goals. However, the exact amounts in which they are paid depends on the individual players' contracts.

Who are the highest scoring players in NBA history?

Purple Unicorn Buttsex

Soccer players get money when they score?

Sometimes, some players are on goal scoring bonuses, every goal they score they get a bonus.

What is the highest scoring match in a soccer world cup?

Yugoslavia vs Zaire 1974

Who is the top five highest paid soccer players?

The top five are soccer players and probably British or Scottish or African. Do they pay players in Africa?

Where is a list of the highest scoring nfl players by season?

Click on the 'NFL Scoring Leaders by Season' and 'NFL Touchdown Leaders by Season' links below to see the players that led the NFL in scoring and touchdowns in each NFL season.

Why do soccer players kiss their wrists after scoring a goal?

because, as maradona says, it is the hand of god to them

Who were the highest paid soccer players in 2007?


Who are the highest paid soccer players in the world?

The highest paid soccer player in the world is currently Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese soccer player, who now plays for Real Madrid. David Beckham is also known to be one of the highest paid players in the world.

Who are the highest paid soccer players in south africa?

It is Pienar.

Which sport has the highest incidence of their players commiting crimes?


Who is the highest scoring soccer player?

double hat trick in less than ten minutes by defoe

Who is the highest paid soccer players in 2011?

The highest paid player is Luis suarez of Liverpool

Who is the highest top 10 paid soccer players in absa premier soccer league?

Ellias Pelembe

What stops opposing players from scoring points in soccer?

Either the opposing strikers, mid fielders, defendants, or goalies.

Who is the highest paid soccer players in 2010-2011?

Lionel messi

World classification for highest paid soccer players?

Highest is Zidane from AC Milan to Real Madrid

Who are the highest paid soccer players in 2006?

April 25 2006 Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho displaced David Beckham as the globe's highest-paid footballer

Who are the most earning South African soccer players?

The highest paid players from South Africa is Stephen Pienar.

Who were the top ten highest paid Soccer players in 2008?

Ronaldinho must be the first highest payment in the world

What is the highest scoring soccer game?

Brazil (14) vs (0 )Nicaragua

Who is highest paid psl top10 soccer players 2011-2012?


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