Who are the harambee stars?

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2008-05-20 09:57:49

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Kenya's national football team

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2008-05-20 09:57:49
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Q: Who are the harambee stars?
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How could you describe harambee in literal language?

harambee means 'all pull together'

Is a harambee a tribal rain dance?

No a Harambee is the Kenyan tradition of community self-help events.

What are the release dates for Harambee - 1996 TV?

Harambee - 1996 TV was released on: USA: December 1996

What country's motto is Harambee?


How did harambee benefit Kenya?

ahaha open you book man...

What does the term harambee mean to kenyans?

let's pull together

What is an example of harambee practiced in rural Kenya?

It get people fired up

What does Harambi mean?

You could be referring to Harambee which means 'all pull together'.

Which term means to work together?

Cooperate Teamwork Harambee (Swahili) Partner Are some

How did harambee affect Kenya affect independence?

All i know is that they payed for childrens schooling.

What is Harambee Hills?

Kerry G. Johnson is the writer and illustrator of the webcomic Harambee Hills. Harambee Hills is about the fictional character, Gerard and his life working in the non-profit office workplace. He's an African-American father trying to make it in a hectic, but fun environment. Harambee Hills is the name of the fictional business park outside of Baltimore where all the workplace action takes place. The main scenes are at the association and the crazy interaction of a diverse array of co-workers and Gerard's revolving door of job applicants. The official web site: Kerry G. Johnson's official web site:

What is wangari maathai's address?

her office address is this: Old Treasury Building Harambee avenue P.O box 30551 Nairobi, Kenya hope this helps :)

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