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The Michigan Wolverines by a little bit. With 11 national championships and the winningest College Football team in history who plays in the biggest stadium in the country. They also have a winning record against every conference. Suprisingly they probably do best against the SEC out of all BCS conferences.

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Most people debate between 1995 Nebraska, 2001 Miami, and 1971 Nebraska. I searched the entire internet and couldn't find one "expert" that even mentioned 1998 Tennessee.

The 1971 Nebraska team defeated the #2, #3, and #4 teams in the final AP poll by nearly 20 points average (this includes a 38-9 blasting of Alabama for the National Championship).

The 2001 Miami team had 6 future NFL Pro-Bowlers on it, and destroyed nearly everyone they played that season. Their defense was absolutely phenomenal.

However, the 1995 Nebraska Cornhusker team is considered by nearly everyone who knows what they are talking about to be the greatest of all time. Averaging over 50 points per game, 400 yards per game JUST IN RUSHING and over 500 yards per game total while only giving up 14 points per game they obliterated teams. This included a 62-24 destruction of #2 Florida (who subsequently won the NC the following season with virtually the same team) in the Fiesta Bowl.

The 1995 University of Nebraska Cornhuskers are the greatest of all time.

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Their are many great players but by far the best player of all time is Tommy Frazier of Nebraska.

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Ohio State buckeyes GO BUCKS

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Q: Who are the greatest college football players of all time?
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