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Q: Who are the first team called wanderers?
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When were the Wycombe Wanderers formed?

The English football team, Wycombe Wanderers was formed in 1887. At first, the team was called the North Town Wanderers. The team has never had a truly aggressive name.

Who is the current coach of the Bolton Wanderers?

Dougie Freedman is the current first team coach of Bolton Wanderers.

Which football team was the first to win the fa cup?


Which football team first used hi ho silver lining?

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Is Bolton Wanderers a London team?


Which team won the first fa cup?

Wanderers, who beat Royal Engineers 1-0 in 1872.

Who is the worlds best team?

It is Wolverhampton Wanderers!

When was the Wolverhampton Wanderers team founded?

The team Wolverhampton Wanderers was founded in 1877 and plays (at the moment) in the Football League Championship, which is just below the Premier League.

What football team is nicknamed 'wolves'?

wolverhampton wanderers

What team is fabrice muamba on?

Bolton Wanderers FC

Who was the first football team to win the fa cup final?

Possibly Coventry in 1987 and if not them, Sunderland in 1973

Which team in FIFA is the poorest?

Bray wanderers in republic of ireland