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Indianapolis Indians (AAA), Altoona Curve (AA), Brandenton Marauders (A)

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Wilkes-Barre/Scranton "Baby" Penguins in the American Hockey League

Wheeling Nailers in the East Coast Hockey League

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Q: Who are the farm teams for the Pittsburgh Pirates?
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How many sport teams does Pittsburgh Have?

They have 3. 1. Pittsburgh Pirates 2. Pittsburgh Steelers 3. Pittsburgh Penguins

How many players do the Pittsburgh pirates have?

40, like all other baseball teams

What 3 teams have not had a player to hit for the cycle?

i believe its only 2 teams. the San Diego Padres, and the Pittsburgh Pirates!

What two teams played in the 1979 football World Series?

Pittsburgh Pirates Baltimore Orioles

How many teams did Roberto clemente play for?

Only one - the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1959 to 1972.

What are the names of the two major league Pennsylvania baseball teams?

Philadelphia Phillies and the Pittsburgh Pirates

Will the Pittsburgh Pirates ever be good?

The pirates have a long and storied franchise. Yes, they will be good in years to come, we have many promising prospects in our farm system.

What City do the Pittsburgh Pirates play for?

The Pittsburgh pirates play for Pittsburgh

Where did the pirates play before pnc park?

The Pittsburgh Pirates and the Steeler Football Teams played at Three Rivers Stadium before it was replaced with PNC Park for the Pirates and Heinz Field for the Steelers.

What teams was the AAA affilitate of the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1964?

The Pirates AAA affliate in the 1964 season was the Columbus Jets of the International League. Columbus was the Pirates AAA affliate between 1957-1970.

How many professional baseball teams in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has two professional football teams - the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers. There are also dozens of college teams, most notably Penn State and University of Pennsylvania. There are also many, many high school football teams.

When was Pittsburgh Pirates created?

Pittsburgh Pirates was created in 1882.