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The Defending Champion of fifa world cup is Italy

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Q: Who are the defending World Cup champions?
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Who is the defending champions of the 2011 Cricket World Cup?

Australia is the defending champions of the 2011 Cricket World Cup.

Who is the defending champions of the cricket world cup 2011?

Australia is the defending champion of the cricket world cup 2011

Who is the current FIFA World Cup champ?

Italy are the defending champions.

Which FIFA World Cup team has won recently?

Italy won the 2006 FIFA World Cup. They are the defending champions.

Who are the defending Stanley Cup champions?

The Pittsburgh Penguins.

Who is the only World Cup defending champions that failed to score any goal?

I think it was France in 2002.

Is Italy going to win the world cup?

They are the defending champions and it is likely they will go far, however, there is no guarantee they will win.

Who are the defending world t20 champions?


Who is the defending cricket world cup champion?

India is the defending world cup champion.India won the world cup in 2011.

Which defending champions had the worst performance in a Football World Cup with 2 losses 1 draw and no goals scored?

Saudi Arabia

Who are the current World Cup champions?

Italy is the current world cup champions (2010)

Does the host country have to qualify for FIFA World Cup?

No. The host country is automatically accepted to participate in the FIFA World Cup. Previously, defending champions were also automatically accepted, a tradition that was stopped in 2006 and has not continued since. Now, defending champions must also compete in qualification matches hosted by their region's football confederation.

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