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Germany (GER)

Maximilian Müller

Martin Haner

Oskar Deecke

Christopher Wesley

Moritz Fürste

Tobias Hauke

Jan-Philipp Rabente

Benjamin Weß

Timo Weß

Oliver Korn

Christopher Zeller

Max Weinhold

Matthias Witthaus

Florian Fuchs

Philipp Zeller

Thilo Stralkowski

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The defending champions are currently Sweden.

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Australia. The team is known as the Kookaburras.

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Q: Who are the current men's Field hockey world champions?
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Who are the current hockey world champions?

Chicago Blackhawks in NHL Canada in Olympics

Who are the men field hockey champions?

As of 2008, the champions of men's field hockey are Germany, who hold the 2006 World Cup after beating Australia 4-3 in the final in Germany, the 2008 Olympic Gold medal after beating Spain 1-0 in the gold/silver medal match in Beijing, and the 2007 Champions Trophy (coming second in 2006, fifth in 2008). As this is the highest combination of the most recent competitions, I would rank them as current overall champions.

Which country is the current world champions of badminton?

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the current world campions for lacrosse men's...

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lionel messi

How many World Cup of Field Hockey has India won?

India has won the Field Hockey World Cup only once in 1975.

Who are the current ice hockey world champions?

The most prestigious club championship in the world is the Stanley Cup, champion of the National Hockey League. However winners of the Stanley Cup are very rarely referred to as "World Champions." Other ice hockey leagues including Elitserien (known in English as the Swedish Elite League), SM-liga (Finnish league), Nationalliga A (Swiss League), the Kontinental Hockey League (Russia and satellite states) also designate a league champion, not a world champion. If your talking international competition, Ice Hockey has two main tournaments: An annual World Championship and the Olympic games (Every 4 years). The current world champion is the Czech Republic and the current Olympic champion is Canada.

Who is the current World Cup holders in cricket?

I don't mean to sound bias but it has to be Australia

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Italy are the defending champions.