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Q: Who are the current all blacks selectors?
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Who are the current world champions in rugby?

For the 2011 RWC its the New Zealand All Blacks

Which current all blacks player was born in cromwell new zealand?

conrad smith

Who will win All Blacks or France?

All Blacks

What are the All Blacks known as overseas?

"All Blacks" or NZ

Why cricket has gone down in Pakistan?

That is because all those players are playing who have money to bribe the selectors many of them are ****** ***** ****** ** *** ***** ****

Who is the captian for the all blacks?

The All Blacks Captain is Richie McCaw :)

What is data selectors?

Operating Temperature of valus

Who pays for the all blacks clothes?

adidas because they sponser the all blacks

Who are the past all blacks captains?

the current All Black captain is Richard 'Richie' McCaw'

Who will the all blacks play this Saturday?

ho will the all blacks be playing this saturday

Who was the captain of the 1823 all blacks?

The All Blacks didn't play until about 1893.

Who is responsible for bad performance of Indian cricket team selectors or players?

It will surely be the 11 players , selectors only choose players. players must deliver on the pitch.