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1. Dick Nolan (San Francisco 49ers, New Orleans Saints).

2. Forrest Gregg (Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, Green Bay Packers).

3. Jack Patera (Seattle Seahawks).

4. Monte Clark (San Francisco 49ers, Detroit Lions)

5. Dan Reeves (Denver Broncos, New York Giants, Atlanta Falcons).

6. Mike Ditka (Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints).

7. Jack Del Rio (Jacksonville Jaguars).

8. Jason Garrett (Dallas Cowboys).

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idk all of the but one is Mike Singletary. He used to play for the Bears now he coaches the 49ers

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None of the active NFL head coaches have been enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Q: Who are the current NFL coaches that were former NFL players?
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To create revenue for its players, coaches, owners, officials, and excecutives.

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