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WWE is divided into three parts ECW RAW SMACKDOWN each brand commentaters.

In the game SMACKDOWN VS RAW 09.the commentaters are-

SMACKDOWN-Jerry the lawyer and sometime Josh.Raw i really don't know.ecw In smackdown vs raw 2009 here are the commentators

smackdown- Michael cole, johnathan coachman

raw- jerry lawler, Jim ross

ecw- tazz, joey styles

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There arn't any specific commentaters for susperstars. For instince, if superstars from ecw had a match, then the ecw commentaters would call the match. Same with smackdown and raw.

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Q: Who are the commentators for WWE superstars?
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It is the event in WWE which is referred by the commentators, superstars and authorities as the day in which the fans are thanked for their support to them.

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The WWE or its superstars have never released usernames of WWE Superstars or Divas who may have accounts.

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