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Through Super Bowl XLIII:

1) Don McCafferty, Baltimore Colts, Super Bowl V - Colts defeated the Dallas Cowboys, 16-13.

2) Red Miller, Denver Broncos, Super Bowl XII - Broncos lost to the Dallas Cowboys, 27-10.

3) George Seifert, San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl XXIII - 49ers defeated the Denver Broncos, 55-10.

4) Jon Gruden, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Super Bowl XXXVII - Bucs defeated the Oakland Raiders, 48-21.

5) Bill Callahan, Oakland Raiders, Super Bowl XXXVII - Raiders lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 48-21.

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2009-04-11 22:58:25
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Q: Who are the coaches who went to the Super Bowl there first year coaching there team?
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Who was the two head coaches in the first super bowl?

Stram & Lombarti

Do the coaches of Super Bowl get bonus?


What team used the first coaches challenge of super bowl 45?


How are the coaches selected for the pro bowl?

The coaches of the division champions that did not go to the Super Bowl are selected for the Pro Bowl.

Who were the first coaches to meet in the Super Bowl who previously won a Super Bowl?

Chuck Noll of the Steelers and Tom Landry of the Cowboys in Super Bowl X. Noll had won Super Bowl IX and Landry had won Super Bowl VI.

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Two black head coaches in the Super Bowl?

Two head coaches that were in the Super Bowl were Lovie Smith (Bears), and Tony Dungy (Colts).

Who were the coaches for the first super bowl for the Green Bay Packers?

head coach: Vince Lombardi

What five rookie coaches have taken their teams to a Super Bowl in their first year of coaching?

Don McCafferty (Colts), George Siefert (49ers), John Mackovic (Rams), Bill Callihan (Raiders), and Jim Caldwell (Colts).

Who were the first black coaches to lead teams to the Super Bowl?

The biggest win of Dungy's career came against his close friend and protege, Bears coach Lovie Smith. They were the first black head coaches in the 41-year history of the Super Bowl.

Which coach was coaching the dallas cowboys when they won their first super bowl?

That was Tom Landry who was head coach when they won their first Super Bowl (SB VI) over the Miami Dolphins.Tom Landry

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simple 10000000

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