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The Pro Bowl coaches traditionally were from the losing teams in the NFC and the AFC championship games. But a new formula has been used since the 2010 Pro Bowl, which invites the coaching staffs from losing teams in the divisional playoff games that have the best overall records in each conference. This enables the Pro Bowl coaches to have more time with players since the game is now held the week before the Super Bowl.

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AFC: John Harbaugh

NFC: Andy Reid

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Q: Who are the coaches for the 2009 pro bowl?
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Who were AFC and NFC Pro Bowl coaches in 1978?

Ray Malavasi Bum Phillips Malavasi and Phillips were the coaches for the 1979 Pro Bowl played January 29, 1979. The 1978 Pro Bowl was played January 23, 1978 and the coaches were Bud Grant and John Madden.

How does nfl pick pro bowl coaches?

The people of America vote

When is pro bowl?

the pro bowl is on feb 8th 2009 at 4:30pm In 2010 the pro bowl will be played on Jan. 31

What is the rule behind deciding who coaches the Pro Bowl American football?

The head coaches of the teams that lose the AFC and NFC conference championship games are those that are the head coaches in the Pro Bowl.

What are the release dates for 2009 NFL Pro Bowl - 2009 TV?

2009 NFL Pro Bowl - 2009 TV was released on: USA: 8 February 2009

How do the coaches for the NFL pro bowl get chosen?

The Pro Bowl squads formerly were coached by staffs whose teams did not survive the divisional playoffs. Now the teams are headed by celebrity coaches, usually former NFL stars such as Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders.

Where will the 2009 pro bowl be held?


Who pays for pro bowl travel expenses for players and coaches?

National football league ( A.K.A NFL)

The names of the head coaches in super bowl 2009?

Ken Wisenhunt and Mike Tomlin

Who coached the AFC in the 2003 Pro Bowl?

The 2003 Pro Bowl head coaches were Jeff Fisher of the Titans (AFC) and Andy Reid of the Eagles (NFC). The AFC won the game 45-20.

Does the NFL represent all teams in the pro bowl?

No. Not all teams are represented in the Pro Bowl. Only players voted in by the fans, players and coaches make the Pro Bowl roster. In the last Pro Bowl (2012 season) six teams did not have at least one player on the roster. The teams were: Chargers, Jaguars, Titans, Panthers, Eagles and Rams.

Who won the AFC and NFC pro bowl in 2009?

The Pro Bowl for the 2008 season was plaayed on Feb. 08, 2009.The NFC defeated the AFC 30 - 21.