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mario, luigi, yoshi, peach, daisy, waluigi, wario, Donkey Kong, bowser, diddy kong, bowser jr., toad, ninja, white mage, black mage. moogle, slime, and cactuar.

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Q: Who are the characters on Mario sports mix?
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When did Mario Sports Mix?

Mario Sports Mix happened in 2010.

When did Mario Sports Mix happen?

Mario Sports Mix happened in 2010.

Does Yuna appear on Mario Sports Mix?

Yuna does not appear in Mario Sports Mix. Final Fantasy characters that are playable in this game are:NinjaWhite MageBlack MageMoogleCactaurOn top of these, the Slime from the Dragon Quest series is also unlockable.

When was Mario Sports Mix created?

Mario Sports Mix was created on 2010-11-25.

What are the stats of Rosalina in Mario Sports Mix?

Rosalina isn't even in Mario Sports Mix

Is Mario sports mix fun?

yes yes yes! its really fun! i love playing as the Final Fantasy characters more!

What happens in Mario sports mix when you beat sports mix?

You have to beat this big monster.

Mario sports mix What tournament to play to get cactuar Mario sports mix?

You don't have to play tournaments that's all im saying.

When is the next super Mario game coming out?

Mario sports mix

What will be the next Mario game come out after Mario sports mix?

mario party 9

What new Mario games are coming out 2011?

one is Mario sports mix

Does Mario sports mix on Wii have football in it?

No, unlucky.