Who are the black olympic gymnasts?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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I can tell you about two famous African American Gymnastand both females! One of them is Dominique Margaux Dawes, born in Maryland and a Graduate of University of Maryland. Three times Olympian for Us and former President of sport Foundation. The other one is Elizabeth Anne Okino better known as Betty Okino. She was representing US at the same time and the Us team with Dominique. Betty Okino was born in Uguanda, Africa but moved to Us at very early age and became an US cityzen and become one of the first and most famous African American Gymnast for Us team in the 1990's...

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I think on the Men's side of ARTISTIC Gymnastics there is Joe Stalder? (European?), Mario McCutchen & Ron Galimore (US) Im sure their is many more if you search.

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Q: Who are the black olympic gymnasts?
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The Chinese Olympic gymnasts were found to be of age to compete in the competition.

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dont no

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When did gymnastics become a Olympics?

in 1923 gymnasts could compete in the Olympic Games

How much did gabby Douglas get for her olympic performance?

Olympic gymnasts don't get paid for their Olympic performances. They get a lot of money from endorsers like Nike or Subway but that's it.

What is an olympic gymnasts training schedule?

Usually six hours a day, seven days a week.

What do olympic gymnasts eat?

lots of fruit and veggies they cant get fat and need to stay at a steady wieght

Do the Olympic gymnasts have professional makeup artists?

Afterwards because they are sweating like a obese kid at a football practice

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