Who are the best snipers in the world?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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the Russians

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Q: Who are the best snipers in the world?
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Were the canadians the best snipers in ww1?

Yes they were the best snipers of all the Allies

Who has the best snipers in the world?

Canada by far. no other country even comes close

Who were the snipers of World War 2?

The snipers of ww2, were highly-trained soldiers of the German Army.

Are navy seal snipers good?

The best.

Where would you be able to find information about snipers in World War 2?

Russian Snipers Of WW2copy and past the link to my page in your search bar its about the famous Russian snipers of

Which military group has the best snipers?

This is open to debate but the Marines are recognized as great snipers. They have the legendary Carlos Hathcock who complete very difficult missions but on the other hand Army snipers had more kills.

What was the main use of the snipers in World War 2?

Well Snipers were in evrey squad but just a Sniper team was used for Recon.

Where did snipers during World War 1 sleep?

in a bed

Is there a website that will give you information about Vietnamese snipers? i think this is the best but if you want a different one check vietnamese snipers in

Who were the best soldiers in US history?

the green berets, or maybe the marine snipers.

Who is Klavdiya Kalugina?

She is one of the World War 2 Russian female snipers.

How many soldiers were killed by snipers in World War 1?

a good 239,540