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on the cavaliers they have have the best players like LEBRON JAMES, SHAQ, MoWILLAMS

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Q: Who are the best players on one team in the nba?
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What does making the all nba first team mean?

it simply means you are one of the five best players in the league

Is Allen Iverson one of the best NBA players?


How many players can play on one team in the playoffs in the NBA?

For a team it depends on how many people there are on that team, example: If there is 8 people on a team, there can only be 9-15 players on a team.

Which active NBA players have the most career games played with one team?

John Havliceck

What is the best basketball players in NBA right now in 2016?

The best basketball players are either the Splash Brothers or ... No one else.

How many members on basketball team?

5 on the court at one time, but more on the benchThere must be a minimum of 10 players on a team and a maximum of 15 players in the NBA.

Can you make a team in NBA 09 for Wii?

No, you can't. But, you can got to MY NBA LIVE and change the roster. You can put all the players you like on one team and save it. It's kind of creating your own team.

Kobe Bryant really good?

Yes, he's one of the best players in the NBA.

What was the last team to win the NBA championship?

the dallas mavericks the best team in the nba

How many players in a basketball team through one to ten?

There are 5 on the court and 5 to 7 on the bench. In a kids recreational league there are usually 10 players and in the NBA there are 12 on a team.

How much are NBA players paid for each round of the NBA playoffs?

Well I am not entirely sure.But I do know that the team manager is the one that gives all the players their paychecks. And if you are realy good ,but if you play for another team, the manager of a team will name a realy good salary for you. depends which player

How many people souuposed to be on a basketball court?

10, 5 on each team, however there can be up to 15 players in the nba on one team