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Sidney Crosby :)

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Q: Who are the best Pittsburgh penguins players?
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What are the names of the Pittsburgh Penguin players?

Pittsburgh penguins

How many Canadian players on Pittsburgh Penguins?


Who were some famous Pittsburgh Penguins hockey players?


What NHL team has the youngest combined age players?

Pittsburgh penguins

What was the Pittsburgh Penguins' salary payroll in the 2006-2007 season?

Click on the 'Pittsburgh Penguins Salaries' link on this page to see the salaries of each of the players on the Penguins roster for the 2006-2007 season.

Is the Pittsburgh penguins from Canada?

yes some players are from Canada but the team isn't

Who is the orthopedic doctor for the Pittsburgh penguins players?

The team physician is Dr. Charles Burke... if that helps.

Are the Pittsburgh Penguins a bad team?

Not at all, they may be the best!

Is the Anderson Jewelry Pittsburgh Penguins Women's All-Star Watch the best sports watch?

The Andserson Pittsburgh Penguins watch may not be the best sports watch, but if you're a Penguins fan you just may think so.

When was Pittsburgh Penguins created?

Pittsburgh Penguins was created in 1967.

Who are the best NHL players today?

There are many great hockey players some are Alexander Ovechkin (Washington Capitals) Sidney Crsoby (Pittsburgh Penguins) Ilya Kovalchuk (Free Agent) Jonathon Toews (Chicago Blackhawks)

Which is better the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Detroit Red Wings?

Pittsburgh Penguins