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The question is very subjective, so no definitive answer can be given.

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2011-01-05 17:34:46
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Q: Who are the best 10 table tennis players ever?
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Who is the most famous table tennis player?

Jan-Ove Waldner was one of the most famous table tennis players ever.

Are there any male professional tennis players who are rumoured to be Gay?

No professional male tennis player has ever publicly come out of the closet. Not that there haven't been gay male tennis players.

Why is table tennis an Olympic sport?

Have you ever tried playing an Olympian in Table Tennis? It's an Olympic sport because it takes skill to play it.

What paint is used on table tennis tables?

green blue what ever colour you want the table colour to be

Why don't professional tennis players ever wear sunglasses?

Too restrictive

Do school children in china play table tennis?

Well obviously cuz if you've ever looked under a table tennis table it says made in China just like everything else

Who is the fastest table tennis player?

The one I ever seen is BIJAY BISWA. From USA

Who is the best tennis player ever?

Rafael Nadal

Who is the best tennis player right now?

rafeal nadal is the best but roger federer isn't far behind at #2 but roger federer is the best and plays well like nadal they r the best players ever i love them

Has table tennis rules changed?

The International rules of table tennis were first compiled in 1926 and they have been continually amended and rewritten ever since. They are now reviewed and amended once a year.

Who is the greatest table tennis player ever?

The question is very subjective, so no definitive answer can be given.

What are the two best sports ever?

Real tennis Quidditch

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