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Yes America

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Q: Who are the bad teams in Mexican soccer league America?
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What are the worst teams in the Mexican soccer league?

barcelona and america

How many teams in Mexican soccer league?

32 soccer teams

What are all the teams in the Mexican Soccer League?

Poorly financed

What are the teams in the Mexican soccer league?

There are 18 teams in the Mexican Soccer League. As of June 2010, they are (alphabetically):AméricaAtlanteAtlasChivasCruz AzulJaguaresMonterreyMonarcas MoreliaNecaxaPachucaPueblaQuerétaroPumas U.N.A.M.San LuisSantos LagunaEstudiantes TecosTigres U.A.N.L.Toluca

Give the names of four teams in the mexican soccer league?

Atlas, Guadalajara, Cruz Azul, Monterrey.+

How many major league soccer teams are in the US?

There are 13 teams playing in the MLS (Major League Soccer) and 9 teams playing in the MISL (Major Indoor Soccer League).

What are four Mexican soccer teams?


How many professional soccer teams are there in the US?

Total Professional Teams 76 Mens teams include 12 from Major League Soccer (MLS) 12 from the First Division United Soccer League (USL) 9 from the Second Division United Soccer League (USL) 6 teams in the Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL) Womens teams include 37 teams in the W-League a part of the USL

What is the lowest number of teams in a soccer league and which league is it?

Every league must have ten or over teams.

Best soccer team in Mexico?

The best teams in the Mexican league are between Chivas (Guadalajara) and CF America. They are equal in skill. But CF America has more games won between their rivalry with Chivas. So CF America is the best team in mexico.

Do English soccer teams play matches in America?

Several Premier League teams have played close-season friendly games in the USA. Although there has been some talk of playing competitive league games in America, this has not been approved by the teams/EPL.

What cities are the various Mexican soccer teams located in?


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