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The New York Yankees are rival with the Boston Red Sox. In 1919, the Red Sox owner sold star player Babe Ruth to the Yankees, which was followed by an 86-year drought in which the Red Sox did not win a World Series. This led to the superstition known as the "Curse of the Bambino", which created a fierce rivalry

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Q: Who are the Yankees rivals with?
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Who are the mets rivals?

Phillies are their divisional rivals, but Yankees are their city rivals who they fight with for fans, sponsorship etc.

Who are the Red Sox rivals?

The Red Sox's rivals are the New York Yankees.

Who are the Yankees rival?

the Yankees have a few rivals, two of which are the red sox and mets

Who are the rivals of the Texas Rangers?

New York Yankees

Are the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim rivals?


Who is the mets rivals?

The Braves, the Yankees, the Phillies, the Nationals want to be, but the Mets are to good for them.

Is the Detroit Tigers and the Boston Red Sox's ravels?

no the red sox are rivals with the New York Yankees.

Who are the New York Mets rivals?

New York Yankees - Interleague - or Philadelphia Phillies in NL East.

What are the Tampa Bay Rays enemies?

Well, all of the teams in their division are rivals but the Red Sox and the Yankees are their real enemies.

How did the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees become rivals?

Originally the Dodgers were in Brooklyn. Called the Brooklyn Dodgers. They were only a few miles away from the Bronx. I guess once they moved to LA, they still remained rivals.

Why are the Red Sox and Yankees rivals?

It all started back in the 1900's, the Yankees just started to fight with the better team because they wanted to injure them, they knew they couldn't beat them so they tried to take them out.

Why do the New York Mets fans hate the New York Yankees?

Because they're both from the same state and they're city rivals.

Are the New York Yankees a good team?

Yes, they are in fact. They have more championship titles than their rivals the Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets. Yankees: 27 Titles Red Sox: 7 Mets: 2

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Did the New York Yankees the New York Rangers and the Dallas Cowboys ever all win games on the same day?

yes on monday the cowboys beat the eagles while the Yankees beat the red sox in game 5 and New York rangers won against their rivals the New York islanders

Who are the rivals of the mariners?

They do not have a big rival like Yankees/Red Sox or Dodgers/Giants. However, their biggest rival is probably the Los Angeles Angels. The Texas Rangers and Oakland Athletics are also rivals because they are all in the AL West together. Another is the San Diego Padres, who play the Mariners every year in interleague play.

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Who won the second game the Yankees or the Red Sox?

The Boston Red Sox won Game 2 of an October 2nd doubleheader with the New York Yankees, edging their American League East rivals 7-6 in 10 innings. The Yankees won the first game 6-5, also in 10 innings. The doubleheader was made necessary because rain postponed the October 1st game between the teams.

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Why is yankee stadium called the house that Ruth built?

Before Yankee Stadium opened in 1923, the Yankees rented from their cross-town rivals, the New York Giants and shared the space at the Polo Grounds. Threatened with eviction, the Yankees were forced to build their own stadium in the Bronx, but this move arguably could not have happened without the fame and popularity of their marquee player, George Herman "Babe" Ruth. Ruth drew large crowds and made the Yankees an astoundingly popular team, and after Yankee Stadium opened, it was known colloquially as The House that Ruth Built as a result of Ruth's starpower drawing in enough revenue and fan support to build the park. In Ruth's first season with the Yankees in 1920, the Yankees were drawing more fans than their cross-town rivals, the Giants, and the Yankees owners decided to take a chance on the popularity of their team. Because both the New York Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers had stronger roots in New York than the relatively young Yankees, building a new park - larger than most ballparks - on the assumption that the Yankees could draw 60,000 fans to their games was quite a gamble. But the Yankees also had Babe Ruth, who was the biggest name in sports at the time. After tenuous relations began developing between Giants and Yankees ownership, the Yankees decided it was time to invest in what would become the House That Ruth Built.

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