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Q: Who are the Washington Huskies top ten scoring leaders in basketball?
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Who is the Pac-Ten All Time basketball scoring leaders?


Who are the NCAA Division I career basketball scoring leaders?

Pete Maravich

Who are the ACC womens basketball career scoring leaders?

Lynette woodard

Ohio state mens basketball scoring leaders?

Dennis Hopson

Rider university all time basketball scoring leaders?

derrick suber

Who are the top career scoring leaders in Indiana University men's basketball?

Calbert Chaney

Who are the Division III all time NCAA basketball scoring leaders?

Steve Peknik

Division 1 all time scoring leaders in college basketball?

pete maravich

Who are the ACC mens basketball scoring leaders through the 2008 season?

jj redick duke

Who are the career scoring leaders in the University of Louisville men's basketball?

Darrell Griffith - 2,333 Points

Who is the top fifty Massachusetts high school basketball scoring leaders all time?

Michael Bradley

Who are the top ten all time big east men's basketball scoring leaders?

Austin carr

Who are the top career scoring leaders in Louisiana state university men's basketball?

Pistol Pete Maverick

What was the first scoring in basketball?

1-0 was the very first basketball scoring

Who are the top ten career scoring leaders in SEC men's basketball?

LeBron James , Kyrie Irving , Stephen Curry, Kevin Durrant

How is scoring kept in basketball?

By a scoreboard.

What is vital in scoring plays in basketball?


In basketball where is the scoring zone?

anywhere you can shoot from

What are the scoring rules of Basketball?

it shold be a foul

What is the scoring team in basketball called?

The winner

NCAA women basketball alltime scoring leaders?

Lynette Woodard is the all-time leading scorer for Division I women's collegiate basketball with 3,649 points. (from the website of the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame - see

What is better an assist or scoring in basketball?

Scoring because it makes you win better then to lose.

What do defenders do in basketball?

defend the opponent team from scoring

Bergen county NJ all time basketball scoring leaders?

Les Cason, East Rutherford HS (now Becton Regional), 1967-71: 2,821 points

What is the highest scoring professional basketball game?

904,962,401 to 32