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A 30-member team of athletes was named by the T&T Olympic Committee (TTOC) to represent T&T at 2008 Beijing Olympics set for August 8-24, at the Jean Pierre Complex, Port of Spain on Thursday evening.

The team which is the 15th contingent to represent T&T at the Olympics, consist of 25 Track and Field representatives, three swimmers and one representative from shooting and table tennis each.

All hoping to in some way to forever write their names into to our countries history book by increasing our medal tally which currently stands at 12 (one gold, three silver and eight bronze medals).

Following in the footsteps of those who went before them such as T&T first Olympian George Lewis, who competed in the 100 and 200 metre sprints and Rodney Wilkes T&T first medalist at the Olympic Games taking silver in weightlifting, both feats being competed on T&T's first appearance at the Olympic Games in 1948 in London, England where we were represented in three Sports.

Hoping to build T&T rich legacy at the Games in the 100m sprinters are the trio of Richard Thompson, Marc Burns and Darrel Brown. T&T having won a total of three medals in the history of the games in this event starting with Hasley Crawford, who in 1976 won T&T first and only Olympic gold medal while Ato Boldon took silver in the 100m in Sydney 2000 and bronze in Atlanta 1996.

Boldon's legacy of appearing at three Olympics will also haunt Thompson, Aaron Armstrong and Rondell Sorillo in the 200m as he in addition to his medals in the 100m, has taken bronze twice in the 200m at Sydney and Atlanta.

The names of Edwin Roberts, Edwin Skinner, Kent Bernard and Wendell Mottley represent the only relay for T&T to ever win a medal at the Olympics. They completed this feat at the 1964 Games in Tokyo, Japan, where they took bronze in the final 4x400m.

The 1964 Games are still considered by many to be T&T most successfully run at the Olympics having won three medals. The others being Mottley's silver in the 400m and Skinner's bronze in the 200m.

The names of the quartermilers have changed but the quality has remained the same as both Renny Quow and Ato Stephens are in fine form this season with Quow on Saturday registering a new personnel best of 44.89 at the Ciutat de Barcelona track and field meet, in Barcelona, Spain.

Quow and Stephens will also lead the charge in the 4x400m relay with Stan Waithe, Zwede Hewitt, Cowin Mills and Jovon Toppin.

No female Olympian has ever stepped on the podium for T&T at the Games, however the with the likes of Candice Scott, Kelly-Ann Baptiste and Cleopatra Borel-Brown among the female representatives this time around there is no doubt that atleast one of them could write their names on those blank pages of history.

Scott, a gold medalist and new championship record holder at recently concluded Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games in Cali, Colombia will compete in her second Olympics.

While Baptiste, T&T's fastest ever female and holder of the national records in both 100m and 200m, will be on debut.

Baptiste along with Semoy Hackett, Sasha Springer-Jones will compete in the 100m and the 4x100m events.

Borel-Brown, the reigning national shot put champion also promises much after placing 10th at the 28th Olympics Games and winning a bronze medal in the 2007 Pan American.

CAC gold medalist in the women 400m hurdles, Josanne Lucas and long jumper Rhonda Watkins, are also on the team hoping to do T&T proud.

Goerge Bovell III, T&T only medalist at the 2004 Games, along with his young bother Nicholas and Sharntelle Mc Lean will look, to again, show the strength of swimming.

Wild card recipient Roger Daniel will also compete in his second Olympics Games.

T&T long time table tennis representative Dexter St Louis will compete in his first Olympics. St Louis won qualification for the Olympics during the Olympic qualifier which took place in Dominican Republic, earlier this year.



Chef de Mission - Michael Valentine

Assistant General Team Manager - Wendell Labastide

Olympic Ambassador - Hasely Crawford


Richard Thompson 100m,200m,4x100m

Marc Burn 100m,4x100m

Darrel Brown 100m,4x100m

Keston Bledman 4x100m

Emmanuel Callender 4x100m

Aaron Armstrong 200m,4x100m

Rondell Sorillo 200m

Renny Quow 400m,4x400m

Ato Stephens 400m,4x400m

Stan Waithe 4x400m

Zwede Hewitt 4x400m

Cowin Mills 4x400m

Jovon Toppin 4x400m

Mekil Thomas 110m Hurdles


Kelly-Ann Baptiste 100m,4x100m

Semoy Hackett 100m,4x100m

Sasha Springer Jones-100m,4x100m

Wanda Hutson 4x100m

Monique Cabral 4x100m

Ayanna Hutchinson 4x100m

Aleesha Barber 100m Hurdles

Josanne Lucas 400m Hurdles

Rhonda Watkins Long Jump

Cleopatra Borel Brown Shot Put

Candice Scott Hammer Throw

George Comissiong Manager

Dr Ian Hypolite Assistant Manager

Gunness Persad Coach (Sprints & Relays)

Clayton Walkes Coach (Sprints & Relays)

John Andalcio Coach (Hurdles)

Nadine Hamid Coach (Throws)

Heathcliff Thorne Coach (Jumps)

David Cumberbatch Massage Therapist


George Bovell III 50m, 100m freestyle

Nicholas Bovell

Sharntelle Mc Lean 50m, 100m freestyle

George Bovell II (Manager)

Mathew Macedo (Coach)


Roger Daniel 10 M Air Pistol

Atlantsetseg Byambajav (Mongolia) Coach

Table Tennis

Dexter St Louis

Reeza Burke (Manager)

Rheann Chung (Coach)


Terry Ali, Anyl Gopeesingh,Ian Sharpe, Karielle De Bique, Asha De Freitas, June Durham and Andre Ferguson

Record at The Olympics


2004 Athens, Greece George Bovell III Bronze Swimming 200m

2000 Sydney Australia Ato Boldon Silver Athletics 100m

2000 Sydney, Australia Ato Boldon Bronze Athletics 200m

1996 Atlanta, USA Ato Boldon Bronze Athletics 100m

1996 Atlanta, USA Ato Boldon Bronze Athletics 200m

1976 Montreal, Canada Hasely Crawford Gold Athletics 100m

1964 Tokyo, Japan Wendell Mottley Silver Athletics 400m

1964 Tokyo, Japan Edwin Roberts Bronze Athletics 200m

1964 Tokyo, Japan Edwin Roberts,

Edwin Skinner,

Kent Bernard,

Wendell Mottley Bronze Athletics 4x400m relay

1952 Helsinki, Finland Rodney Wilkes Bronze Weightlifting

1952 Helsinki, Finland Lennox Kilgour Bronze Weightlifting

1948 London, England Rodney Wilkes Silver Weightlifting

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As of the 2008 Games, athletes from Trinidad and Tobago have won 12 Olympic medals (1 gold, 3 silver, 8 bronze): Gold - 1) Hasley Crawford - 100 meter dash at the 1976 Games Silver - 1) Ato Bolden - 100 meter dash at the 2000 Games

2) Wendell Mottley - 400 meter dash at the 1964 Games

3) Rodney Wilkes - Featherweight Weightlifting at the 1948 Games (this was the first ever Olympic medal won by an athlete from Trinidad and Tobago) Bronze - 1) George Bovell - 200 meter individual medley swimming at the 2004 Games

2) Ato Bolden - 200 meter dash at the 2000 Games, 200 meter dash at the 1996 Games, and 100 meter dash at the 1996 Games

3) Wendell Mottley, Kent Bernard, Edwin Roberts, and Edwin Skinner - 4x400 meter relay at the 1964 Games

4) Edwin Roberts - 200 meter dash at the 1964 Games

5) Lennox Kilgour - 90 kg class weightlifting at the 1952 Games

6) Rodney Wilkes - Featherweight weightlifting at the 1952 Games

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name altheles that represented trinidad over the years

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george bovell and carlos suarez

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