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Q: Who are the Top US olympic gold metal winners?
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Who are the top 5 British Olympic gold medal winners?

The top five olympic gold medal winners are Dominic Culyer because he is amazing

Is gold the softest metal?

No. Mercury is at the top of the list.

What are the top 3 precious metals?

There are three top precious metals. The top precious metal is gold. The second top precious metal is silver. And the third top precious metal is platinum.

What prize do the top three winners rceive in the Olympics?

Gold, silver and a bum up the bum.

How do they decide which countries play which in various Olympic sports?

The IOC, International Olympic Committee draws from short straws, then they have a full, head-on pinata party to celebrate the top 13 winners.

Can gold turn green?

No. You don't have gold if it is green. Instead you have some base metal with a gold fill or coloring on top to make it look gold.

What does it mean if something is gold plated?

Well, gold plated it is yellow gold metal alloys with Rhodium over the top! to sale and promoted like that is white gold went is not...

Which country wins more olympic medals than any other?

The United States is always on the top three in most medals or gold medasl is every Olympic they participate in.

What does the stamp 9ct gold 9k gf mean?

it means gold filled. a layer of real 9ct gold on top of a cheap metal ie copper

Who was the winner in 2012 Olympic games?

There were many winners with 962 medals for event winners. The USA won the most with 104 and the 46 old Medals won by them was also the most. Michael Phelps won top athletes if based on medals won

How many gold medals is the top amount that the spanish have ever won?

The most gold medals Spain has won at an Olympic Games is 13 at the 1992 Games in Barcelona.

Which country was on the top in ranking in Olympics 2012?

The USA won 104 metal and 46 gold medals

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