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as of 2008 start,

1st:kareem Abdul-jabbar 38,387 center inactive

2nd:Karl malone Shooting guard inactive

3rd:Michael Jordan point guard inactive

4th:wilt chamberlain small forward inactive

5th:moses malone IDK inactive

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here is the top 10 the last 40 take a long time to write :) * Kareem Abdul-Jabbar * Karl Malone * Michael Jordan * Wilt Chamberlain * Moses Malone * Elvin Hayes * Hakeem Olajuwon * Shaquille O'Neal * Oscar Robertson * Dominique Wilkins Veiw the last 40 @

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I'm only going to give you the top 10. .

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar : 38,387 PTS

Karl Malone : 36,928 PTS

Michael Jordan : 32,292 PTS

Wilt Chamberlain : 31,419 PTS

Shaquille O'Neal : 27,697 PTS

Moses Malone : 27,409 PTS

Elvin Hayes : 27,313 PTS

Hakeem Olajuwon : 26,946 PTS

Oscar Robertson : 26,710 PTS

Dominique Wilkens : 26,668 PTS

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Q: Who are the Nba top 50 scoring leaders of all time?
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All time player in the NBA?

Michael Jordan was the best all round player. Highest scoring was wilt chamberlein.

Who are the all-time leaders in the NBA in career technical fouls?

rasheed wallace

Why is Michael Jordan the best player of nba history?

5 time MVP 6 time nba champion and final MVP 14 time all star 10 time nba scoring champion Nba defensive player of the year 10 nba first team 3 time stealing champion

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terry brooks darrin mayo steve rodgers

When was basketball player Tracy McGrady born?

Tracy Lamar McGrady, Jr. was born on May 24, 1979. He has since become a seven-time NBA All-Star, seven-time All-NBA selection and a two-time NBA scoring champion (2003/2004).

Where can you get a list of the top 25 all time career stat leaders for every team in the NBA?

here's the answer...

How many rebounds did Shaq have in his career?

At the moment (04.07.09) he has 27549 career points, making him 5th on the NBA all time scoring list.

What record does Abdul jabbar kareem hold?

6× NBA champion, 6× NBA Most Valuable Player, 19× NBA All-Star, 2× NBA Finals MVP, 10× All-NBA First Team, 5× All-NBA Second Team, 5× NBA All-Defensive First Team, 6× NBA All-Defensive Second Team, 2× NBA scoring champion, 1970 NBA Rookie of the Year1970, NBA All-Rookie Team NBA all-time leading scorer, NBA's 50th Anniversary All-Time Team, 3× NCAA Men's Basketball Champion 3× NCAA Basketball Tournament MOP, Naismith College Player of the Year 2× USBWA College Player of the Year

What was Wilt Chamberlain's scoring average?

For his NBA career, Wilt averaged 30.07 points per game. That is second all time in NBA history behind Michael Jordan's 30.12 points per game.