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They face home at home matches with division foes Denver, Oakland, and San Diego. They host Houston and Indianapolis from the AFC South, Cleveland from the AFC North, and Dallas and the NY Giants from the NFC East.

Their road games include their division foes plus AFC South teams Tennessee and Jacksonville, the Bills in the AFC East, and Philly and Washington in the NFC East.

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Q: Who are the Kansas City Chiefs opponents in the 2013 season?
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What is the Kansas City Chiefs franchise win loss record?

Through the 2013 season, the Kansas City Chiefs have a 415-393-12 regular season record and an 8-15 postseason record.

Who are the biggest rival of the kansas chiefs?

I believe the Oakland Raiders are the Kansas City Chiefs biggest rival. The Chiefs lead the all time series 59-51-2 as of the 2013 season and lead 2-1 in playoff matches.

What position does Dontari Poe play?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NFL season Dontari Poe is 23 years old.

What nfl team is the number one deffense 2013 2014season?

The Top Ranked Defense in the NFL thru week 10 of the 2013 NFL Season: Ranked #1 - Yards per Game Houston Texans, 280.0 ypg Ranked #1 - Points Allowed Kansas City Chiefs, 111 points allowed Ranked #1 - Points Per Game, Average Kansas City Chiefs, 12.3 ppg

How many times have the Kansas City Chiefs been in the playoffs?

During the 2006 season, when the Colts won the Super bowl. The colts beat them in the wildcard round. 23-8.

When does the KU Football season start?

The 2013 Kansas University Football season starts on September the 7th 2013. The Kandsas Jayhawks are playing South Dakoata University in Lawrence Kansas.

Who has a better record the chiefs or the raiders?

Well that's more of an opinion question, but the Chiefs are leading all time in the series with a record of 59-51-2 as of the 2013 season. The Chiefs also lead the playoff record between the two with a record of 2-1.

What are the predictions for tornadoes in Kansas in 2013?

There are not publicly available tornado season forecasts. However, seeing as it is now late June, Kansas is probably past the worst of its tornado activity for 2013.

Who do the colts play in 2013?

2013 the Indianapolis Colts play AFC South opponents (twice) Jacksonville Tennessee Houston NFC West opponents Seattle San Fransisco Arizona St. Louis AFC West opponents Denver Oakland Kansas City San Diego And will play 2nd place finisher in the AFC East and 2nd place finisher in AFC North

Who was the number one pick in NFL draft 2013?

Central Michigan College Offensive Tackle Eric Fisher was the #1 pick in the 2013 draft by the Kansas City Chiefs. The 2013 draft saw a lot of OT's taken in the top 11 picks, with 4 top OT's being selected. This usually happens when teams are looking for franchise OT's/Offensive Linemen.

Who is Jamaal Charles?

Jamaal Charles (born December 27, 1986 in Port Arthur, Texas) is an American football running back who, as of December 2013, plays for the Kansas City Chiefs.

How long was the longest play in Kansas City Chiefs history?

Kniles Davis' 108 yard kick return for a touchdown against the Denver Broncos on December 1st, 2013 at the beginning of the 2nd quarter, after Manning threw for a touchdown pass to leadoff the 2nd quarter. It was Davis' first kick return of the season.