Who are the Habs?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Habs is the nickname fo the Montreal Canadiens a nhl hockey team. They are the Best!!! Habs comes from Habitants.

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Q: Who are the Habs?
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Why habs fan are crazy?

Because we care? and cuz were always winning yay habs :D

What means h on Montreal jersey?

Habs, for Habitants. Or maybe it's H for Hockey. But we say "Go Habs Go..."

What is the highest number of losses including overtimeshootout losses that the Canadiens have ever had in one season?

in the season 2006-07 they had 6 lost in a row 3 times with Huet in the goals and 3 times with Abieshere in the goals. * Habs lost 4-1 at the Senateurs * Habs lost 2-1 at the Hurricains * Habs lost 5-3 at the Senateurs * Habs lost 1-0 at the Panthers * Habs lost 5-2 at the Devils (Huet injured himself in the match) * Habs lost 5-3 at the Hurricains

Will the habs win tomorrow?

yes, they will.

Will the habs win?

I hope so.

Does Justin Bieber hate the Habs?

No why

What was Pat Jablonski's number with the Habs?


What was Andy Moog's number when he was with the Habs?


Where can you find the habs song?

probably youtube

Is the habs better then the Phladelphia Flyers?


What does the h on habs jersey mean?

The H on the Montreal (Habs) Canadiens jersey stands for 'hockey' as the team's full name is Le Club de Hockey Canadien. The H does not stand for Les Habitants or Habs which is a nickname given to the team in the 1950's.

Who represented the habs to the 2006-07 All-star game?

i think all the players and fans because everyone who believes in Montreal Canadians represent the Habs