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Alex English: 21,645 points

Dan Issel: 16,589 points

Carmelo Anthony: 13,970 points

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Q: Who are the Denver nuggets all time leading scorers?
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Who are the lakers leading scorers?

jerry west is the lakers all-time leading scorers

Who is the Denver nuggets leading scorer?

Carmelo Anthony has led the Nuggets in scoring in seven of eight seasons since 2003-04. Their all-time leading scorer is Alex English with 21,645 points.

Who are the all time leading scorers for Syracuse basketball?

Lawrence Moton

Westchester county all-time leading scorers in basketball?

bernard toone

When was the last time the denver nuggets have won a championship?

They haven't ever won a championship.....

Are the Denver Nuggets going to the playoffs?

Sure the heck looks that way. Lets hope for a number 1 spot = ) it's about time for the Nuggets to go to the NBA Finals. LETS GO NUGGETS!!

Which NBA team scored the most points of all time?

186 points, by the Denver nuggets in 1983

Where can you find an NBA list of all-time leading scorers?

Just view the link below for more info.

What is Alan Shearer's premiership leading goal tally?

Alan shearer was an amazing footballer who was is Newcastle uniteds all time leading goal scorer the premierships all time leading goal scorer and 4th on th englands all time leading scorers

Who is BYU men's basketball all time leading scorers?

Jimmer Fredette, Danny Ainge, Michael Smith, Devin Durrant

Chicago Bulls all-time leading scorers?

Michael jeffrey Jordan

Who is the All-Time leading receiver for the Denver Broncos?

Rod Smith