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As of right now, 6/19, Fabio Capello (italian), England's Three Lion's Coach, is the highest paid coach in the world, making almost three times as much as other national coaches.

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Q: Who are the Current ten highest paid soccer coaches for international soccer teams?
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How much do soccer coaches get paid?

The highest paid soccer coaches can be paid up to 10 million dollars a year. Most soccer coaches make about 20 thousand dollars a year.

Who are the current highest paid goalie in soccer?


What are coaches of soccer?

coaches of soccer are the people who setup the team and then they teach them how to play.

What is the highest international award in soccer?

Uefa champions league.

Who is the current highest paid soccer player in the premiership?

Cristiano ronaldo

When was National Soccer Coaches Association of America created?

National Soccer Coaches Association of America was created in 1941.

Who pay to the soccer coaches?

The club coaches are paid by their clubs, but country coaches are paid by the f.A.

What are the current trends happening in soccer?

A current trend in soccer is injury prevention. The biggest news in international soccer as of 2014 is the FIFA World Cup, which is being held in Brazil.

What does a soccer coach do?

A soccer coach coaches a soccer team by picking where players go

Manager of Irish international football team?

At the current, the manager of the Irish international soccer team is Giovanni Trapattoni.

Are soccer coaches jealous of their soccer players?

This can vary coach to coach. Most Coaches are pervious players so they have already had their light.

Who are the greatest soccer coaches?

Yosef and Matthew

What is the highest score in an international soccer match?

Australia beat American Samoa 31-0

Do I automatically receive a C coaches license if I played college soccer?

No you will not get your coaches licence that way.

Who are the current top 10 highest paid soccer players in south Africa?

benni mccathy

Who are the most famous soccer coaches?

Franz Beckenbauer

Who are the most awesome soccer coaches?

Yosef and Matthew

When did International Soccer happen?

International Soccer happened in 1983.

When was International Soccer created?

International Soccer was created in 1983.

How may of the coaches at the soccer world cup 2010 black?

I do not think there were coaches who were black, assistant ones yes.

Who is the current highest paid soccer player in south African Premier Soocer League?

I am not sure who is in South African premier soccer league but the highest paid player is et'o then ronaldo and then Rooney then messi then beckham

Who coaches the Florida Gators soccer team?

Becky Burleigh is the coach of the Florida Gators soccer team.

Do soccer players earn more than soccer coaches?

The very best players will get more then managers.

When did International Online Soccer happen?

International Online Soccer happened in 2002.

When was International Online Soccer created?

International Online Soccer was created in 2002.