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India is the current cricket champions

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Q: Who are the Current Cricket T-20 Champions?
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Who is the icc t20 cricket champions?

actually i think India is the real t20 champions because they were the first to win the t20 world cup

Which chanel live broadcast champions league t20 cricket?

Star Sports 1

Who won the cricket 2009?

In 2009 men's T20 world cup pakistan became the champions and in women's world cup cricket england won the champions title for the second time.

Are Pakistanis good at cricket?

Absolutley yes because Pakistan has a variety of the best cricket players in the world. And Pakistani cricket teams are called as the t20 champions.

Who is current test captain of Australia cricket team?

Current Test and ODI and T20 captain is Steve Smith for Australia Cricket Team. Though there is no t20 matches has been played by Stiv smith's captaincy yet!

Who is current t20 captain for Pakistan cricket team?

Shahid Afridi

Who was the captain of the England Cricket team when they won the 20 20 cricket world cup?

Colling Wood T20 ICC Cricket World Cup Champions (England) Team Captain.

Who are the current cricket champions?

India is the current champions because they won the world cup this year 2011

Who is the current cricket champions of the world?


Which team won the champions league twenty trophy in 2012?

Sydney Sixers, the australian cricket club, won the Champions League T20 in 2012. They defeated the highveld lions to win the cup.

Some information on cricket tournament 2001 to 2009?

major international tournaments include the ICC world cup,champions trophy the new format T20 cricket and the series between the various contry bilateral and triangular and also the Asia Cups etc and in the club cricket the introduction of the IPl in the year 2007 and the champions trophy

Who are the current county cricket champions?

Durham won the 2008 championship

Who is the Current world cricket champions in Test cricket?

india there no doubt about it but they lose it because of the over shedule of ipl

Is the world cup cricket odi or t20?

it is both odi and T20

Why are England domestic cricket teams are not playing in champions league T20 2010?

it is ufortunate but the participants of the CL T20 were decided before the Hampshire and Somerset final in the friends provident T20 cup...dominik cork too expressed his unhappiness at not making the CLT20....also the friends provident T20 cup was way too long and ended just last month i think

Is T20 Cricket killing Real Cricketing Skills?

According to my point of view T20 cricket is best for newcomers. Because now days no have more time to effort or loss his time in front of television or on mobile. T20 cricket declared result earlier and also a lot of entertainment and money is available in large amount. But we compare about T20 cricket to one day cricket there is not enough time to analyse the batsman or bowler in T20 cricket because it can possible one player cannot analyse within a match but one day cricket is one of the cricket is to analyse who is best batsman or bowler (one day player can perform well in T20 but there is no chance of T20 player can perform in one day because there is need of defense and they can be not well defenser.

Who are the current world champions of the icc t20 world cup?

England 2012 world cup will start on 18 September

Who hit first century in t20 cricket?

Chris Gayle, in international T20

What are the dimensions of the cricket field in T20 cricket?

same as the regular feild around 65 meters because the T20's are played on a regular cricket ground as ODI or Test.

When sachin retire from t20 and 1-day international cricket?

Sachin played for only one T20. He retired in 2013 from test cricket.

Who are the defending world t20 champions?


Who will be the captain of Pakistan t20 cricket series?

Muhammad hafeez will be the captain of t20.

When t20 cricket come?

In 2003

Who was first woman to score a century in International T20 cricket?

Deandra Dottin of West Indies is the first woman to score a century in International T20 Cricket.

What is the goal of a t20 cricket match?

T20 Goal is entertain people in short time :P