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Cottagers is the nickname for Fulham football club.

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Q: Who are the Cottagers?
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Who are the who are the Cottagers?

Cottagers is the nickname for the Fulham football club.

Where do the cottagers live in Shelley's 'Frankenstein'?

in the woods

Which football club are nicknamed the cottagers?


Where do the cottager's in Frankenstein live?

The Cottagers from Frankenstein live in Germany.

What drove the creature in Frankenstein after Felix beat him and the cottagers left?


In Frankenstein what happened when the creature shows himself to the cottagers?

They leave never to return.

How did the monster contribute to the cottagers community Frankenstein?

The cottagers couldn't pay their rent and their crops were frozen in the ground so they couldn't harvest them and sell them on the market for rent. The monster being extra-strong harvested their crops for them and thereby enabled them to get on with their lives.

Why was the creature anxious to learn how to talk in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein?

He really wanted to communicate with the DeLacey family (the cottagers he was watching and helping).

How does the creature feel about the cottagers in Frankenstein?

He feels like he wants to be with them, but he knows as soon as they see him, they will run or attack him. That is why he waits to talk with the blind father.

What kidness did the creature perform for the cottagers during night time in mary shelly's frankenstein?

The Creature felt guilty because he had been contributing to the plight of the cottagers', a young man and and his mother, who were quite poor, by stealing their food. So he stopped taking their food, and would leave firewood at their door every day in an attempt to make amends.

How did the creature learn that the cottagers had moved out of their cottage?

The creature saw Felix explaining to his companion that the family left the cottage because of the horrible scare by the creature.

Why does the creature in Frankenstein decide not to join the cottagers?

Though he begged them to let him join them; when he tried to reveal himself to them, they were horrified by his appearance, and they moved out of their cottage the next day.

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